Can there ever be conscious consumption under late capitalism? Is the key to curbing climate change as simple as choosing the correct products to purchase? Or perhaps the problem actually lies within the marketing and branding of the solution. Conscious Consumption calls on us to examine the idea that we can buy our way to a greener world.

Conscious Consumption is a collection of contemporary collage. Through the process of collecting, scanning, and organizing the discarded remains of ecologically-minded products we explore a dystopic future in which our world is covered in waste and noise generated by consumer’s best intentions. This world is the result of ideas of value and scarcity that have become disjointed to us as participants in a structure that is designed to keep us always wanting more. 

 The sourcing and arrangement of elements from free stock photography reflects comfortable and lovingly crafted vignettes of the products and images which supposedly reflect our values. These Instagrammable shrines proudly project a message to the world that says, “I’m not the problem.”

Mixed media collage. Consumer waste, free stock photography. 18" x 18" digital prints. 2017

Copyright 2020 Kris Blackmore